Non-linear solver for LibreOffice?

You've tried to install the "Solver for Nonlinear Programming" for LibreOffice on Ubuntu but still can't use the new Solver when you open the dialog from

Tools > Solver...

Check you have the error I've encountered by looking up the nonlinear solver under

Tools > Extension Manager...

"Error: The status of this extension is unknown".

The plugin was written for OpenOffice, not LibreOffice. You have to fix this by uninstalling LibreOffice and then installing OpenOffice.

Installing Prolog in Ubuntu

Again, this is for use with the Seven languages in seven weeks book by Bruce Tate. With Ubuntu 12.10, I installed a version of GNU Prolog which so far is working fine with the examples. The package you need is gprolog:

The version is a tiny bit older than Bruce uses - 1.3.0-6.1 rather than 1.3.1. As I said, no problems encounter yet though as a result.

Quicker booting for Ubuntu 9.10

If you're using Karmic Koala (or Lucid Lynx), the boot loader, Grub will seem a little bit different from previous Ubuntu releases. Previously to make changes like the timeout before loading the default OS, you edited /boot/grub/menu.lst

Grub is now configured by editing (as a root user)

Make changes to the GRUB_TIMEOUT or whatever else you needed to change. The config now needs to be made live. Do this by calling

The changes are now written to an auto-generated file /boot/grub/grub.cfg but this file shouldn't be edited by hand.

For more info, see the Ubuntu's official docs on the subject.

Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

I had a small amount of hassle trying to find instructions for an easy way to install the new 3.5 version of firefox on an Intrepid version of ubuntu. Here is what worked for me...

1) System > Administration > Software Sources > Third-Party Software tab

2) Add this repository to the list:
deb intrepid main
I think this should be the same for jaunty jakalope too i.e.
deb jaunty main

3) sudo apt-get update

4) sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5

Firefox 3.5 is now installed here:

5) Go to this folder and make a shortcut by dragging "firefox-3.5" to somewhere on the navigation bar.

If there's any problem with this, please let me know